Christos Vardacostas – Executive Director EMAIL:

Christos is our new Executive Director with many years of organizational and development experience, he will be overseeing our operations and administration, and  helping our Board and organization move forward with new community initiatives


Anita Prince  Administrative Assistant EMAIL:

The administrative assistant is the first point of contact and the central switchboard for the office. She will assist you with your application and collect any required paperwork. The assistant will also accept your rent at the office, take your calls, place your maintenance requests, and book your appointments.



Lindsey Antosko – Senior Property Manager

Beth Lacey – Urban Property Manager  EMAIL:

Before you move in, your property manager helps you complete your tenancy forms if needed and calculates how much rent you will pay. Property managers also work with tenants to work through problems related to their tenancies and resolve any concerns or complaints.



Kim Hamilton – Finance and Administrative Manager EMAIL:

Roxanne Pierre-Finance Administrative Assistant EMAIL:

The Finance Manager handles all financial aspects of our society.



Kay Robinson – Community Voice Mail EMAIL:

The Community Voice Mail Project Manager will liaise with both sponsors and clients of the service. The main goal is to enroll sponsors and partner agencies so that we are able to purchase and provide “stigma-free” phone to people who are homeless/and or phoneless; in crisis and transition.







Shaun Cormier – Projects Coordinator EMAIL:

The projects coordinator will be assisting the Society in making sure projects reach deadlines and stay within budget.