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These handbooks provides you with an understanding of guidelines and policies that the Aboriginal Housing Society of Prince George follows to help make your home a safe, affordable, and comfortable place to liveIt does not include detailed information for specific locations. However, it does provide a good overview of how the Aboriginal Housing Society of Prince George operates, as well as what is required. Keep your handbook in a convenient place for future reference If you have any suggestions for future editions of this handbook, please contact your property manager.


The values of the AHSPG reflect the traditional culture of our diverse Aboriginal ancestry. We honour our cultures by fostering the physical, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual elements of human life. Accordingly, our organization and staff:

  • Treat all tenants, applicants, employees, and volunteers with dignity and respect.
  • Act with integrity, honesty, and transparency to demonstrate accountability to the community.
  • Demonstrate caring and compassion for our tenants, without compromising the fair and consistent application of society policies and rules.