Help us name 1811 Spruce Street!

March 21, 2018

As many of you know, we are set to complete our Elders building at 1811 Spruce Street this summer. We need your help naming this building.

There are many ways to cast your vote:

  1. In person: 1919 17th Avenue
  2. Call: 1-250-564-9794
  3. Email:
  4. Facebook: Aboriginal Housing Society of PG
  5. Survey Monkey:

The options are:

☐        Nipinet Aarbr                           (Michif                                      Spruce tree)

☐        Apahkwâson                           (Cree                                        Shelter, roof, cover)                              

☐        Ohcistikosimowin                   (Cree                                        Shelter from the elements)         

☐        Sihta                                         (Cree                                        Spruce tree)                              

☐        Nikinaahk                                 (Michif                                       Home)             

☐        Ts’oo                                        (Dakelh                                     Spruce)                        

☐        Ts’oo Ti                                    (Dakelh                                     Spruce road or path)                              

☐        Kikosewin                                (Cree                                        Being with family)                                            

☐        Chundoo                                  (Carrier                                     Jack Pine)        

☐        Ts’oo Yoh                                 (Carrier                                     Spruce House)

☐        Ts’oo Bayoh                             (Carrier                                     Spruce Building)

☐        Jizwit Saan Oonz                     (Michif                                      1811)

☐        Rue Nipinet                              (Michif                                       Spruce Street)

☐        Golden Spruce                         (English)

☐        The Icon                                    (English)



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